Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Cure: "Disintegration"

 I have been falling in love all over again with this album ever since the deluxe reissue came out a couple weeks back.   Well, I never fell *out* of love with it, it's always been among my favorite albums of all-time.   But the new reissue, with it's stellar sound quality and bevy of rarities, gives it added depth.   "Disintegration" is glorious, romantic, dark pop - an album that is one of a kind in rock history. 

When it came out, I was just learning to drive.  I remember playing the cassette in the car when I drove around my hometown with my dad.   The day it came out, I walked downtown on my lunch break from high school (in those days MHS had an open campus, not sure if that is still the case) and bought "Disintegration" from Backstreet Records (which, sadly, no longer exists.)   

I had already been hooked on 1st single "Fascination Street."  I had been a Cure fan for a few years, and eagerly recorded the premier of "Fascination Street" from the radio show "Future Hits" - an awesome syndicated show that played the newest music that was about to break onto the charts.   What a brilliant song... psychedelic, intense, building to an incredible climax...  I couldn't wait for the album to come out.

I played "Disintegration" like mad.  It was constantly in my car, on my walkman, on my stereo.  I'd lay in my room in the dark and listen to it from start to finish.   Hearing it now brings me back to that time;  but the thing is, the album has stood the test of time so well that it's beyond simple nostalgia.   It's just a killer record.

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