Sunday, June 20, 2010

Joe's Record Paradise - 6/20/10

Very nice trip to Silver Spring and Joe's Record Paradise today. It's only my 2nd time there and I have a feeling I'll be going back more frequently. Terrific selection and some great rarities.

Picked up the following:

10CC's "The Original Soundtrack" which, of course, features their masterpiece "I'm Not in Love."

Prince's "Kiss" 12" single. Exclusive extended mixes of both "Kiss" and it's stellar b-side, "Love or Money" - one of Prince's best obscure tracks.

The Records self-titled 1979 album featuring their classic single "Starry Eyes"

The Chameleon's amazing "Strange Times" LP

and a sealed copy of The Dead Boys "We Have Come For Your Children"

very happy with my haul today.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget The CD/Game Exchange and Roadhouse Oldies...both great places to pick up vinyl in Silver Spring.