Monday, July 5, 2010

Blue Groove Soundz - Arlington, VA

Last day before going back to work, so I thought I'd do a little record shopping while I still have the opportunity.

First went to the CD Cellar in Falls Church, VA.  I had been a big fan of this place back in my CD-buying days, but I hadn't been back in a while - and actually thought they had closed.   They are very much open, and in fact now have a large vinyl section, so I'm very happy about that. 

I picked up the following:

Eurythmics - Touch.  Yes, already have this but they had a nice UK pressing with a Tour Book as an added extra for $10.00.   Very cool.

Robert Fripp - Exposure

Warren Zevon - Sentimental Hygiene

We then headed to Blue Groove Soundz in Arlington, the newest local record shop.    It was my first time there, and I quite liked it.  It's a fairly small shop in a basement store area, but they had a nice sized collection.   Certainly comparable to a couple of the DC stores.   I ended up getting Prince's "Rave un2 The Joy Fantastic" LP.   Not his best work, but it does have some good stuff, and I'd never seen in on vinyl before.

Nice day shopping.


cc said...

Chris. It's Clark Chesser. I bought a used copy of Fripp's Exposures years ago and thought it was a waste of petrochemicals. I listened to it just recently and found the b side cut "After the Flood" by Peter Gabriel. Gorgeous! Have you heard this yet?

Christian Gerard said...

hey Clark :) Yes, Here Comes the Flood. Amazing song... there are 3 different versions. There's the recording with Fripp on "Exposure." There's also a version on PG's first solo album, which has a very ornate production. Then he did a piano, stripped-down version which was a b-side during the "So" era, and was included on "Shaking the Tree" hits compilation - it's my favorite of them. Incredibly beautiful and powerful.

curt said...

Blue Groove iSoundz is a great little shop. I spoke with the owner and they have a LOT more that is not even unboxed yet.

So, they are just getting going it seems.

Check them out!