Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Melissa Etheridge: July 20, 2010, The Strathmore in Bethesda.

Saw Melissa Etheridge last night at the Strathmore.  It was my first time seeing her, and my first time at that venus.  Had a terrific time.   Melissa's voice is incredibly strong and she played for about 2 hours, 40 minutes.   Most of her new album "Fearless Love" was performed, as well as many old classics.  I was a little disappointed that so many of the songs were drawn out with long segments in the middle that seemed unnecessary, especially since she could have fit in some tracks from albums that were completely ignored (especially the stellar "Breakdown").   But that minor quibble aside, it was a great show.

Set list:

We Are The Ones
Fearless Love
Miss California
If I Only Wanted To
Yes I Am
I Want To Come Over
The Wanting of You
Nowhere To Go
Come To My Window
To Be Loved
No Souvenirs
I Run For Life
Drag Me Away
I'm The Only One
Bring Me Some Water
Like The Way I Do


Gently We Row

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