Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rush: "Presto"

Found a good vinyl copy of this overlooked gem at Record and Tape Exchange tonight.   Listening to it now and as always am amazed by this bands' musicianship.    They are simply extraordinary.   "Counterparts" and "Roll The Bones" were bigger hits and get more attention, but I've always had a HUGE soft spot for "Presto".    2 of my favorite Rush tunes are on this album - - "The Pass" and the title track.   "Show Don't Tell" is a killer opening track and great first single - bringing them back to tight and powerful rock after the murky and meandering MOR synth-rock of most of "Hold Your Fire."   "Presto" is far more incisive and was a definite return to form.   It was an effect u-turn for a band that badly needed one.


Anonymous said...

Presto is an amazing album - you obviously have taste and a great ear.

MBSouers (

Christian Gerard said...

hey bud thanks for stopping by and commenting, and for your nice words! I agree, "Presto" rocks. Doesn't get the love it deserves.